Spring is in Full Bloom

Spring has finally hit us in full bloom. There were days it seemed like it was never going to come but a couple of weeks ago everything has gone full bloom. It's been a bit exciting, we have our first set of goats, Dolly, Ivy, Daisy Mae and Freddie B Nubbins. They are fitting in quite nicely but not eating quite what we wanted them to eat (at least they are a 10 on the cuteness meter). We also have a few broody hens, well hens with ADHD, the can't seem to sit on one nest long enough. Spring time on the farm is always a wonder, daffodils have come and gone and daisy season is quickly coming. Everyday is a new adventure. #farmlife #columbiarivergorge #goatsrule #columbiagorgeinspiration


2019 created by Mikal' Faye 

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